is to determine which homeopathic remedy is most appropriate to bring about a healing response in your system. I do this through conversation with you about the area of concern. Depending on the type of consultation, we will go into various detail about the symptoms, your nature and how the situations are affecting you.

My task as the homeopath

                          are simple and noninvasive. The detailed information you provide at your consultation is essential to effectively select the appropriate homeopathic remedy and care plan. In addition to information about your symptoms, I need to know about you in general, such as how vital and energetic you feel as a whole and how your sense of well-being changes as a result of outside factors. You will be asked to share personal details, including fears, dreams and food preferences.

My consultations

CEASE Therapy

My approach to CEASE therapy begins with Constitutional consultation and remedy. If and when blocks are encountered that correspond to an experience or substance that the individual has been exposed to then I apply the methods of CEASE to help break through or detox these blocks.

Workshops are offered to teach how to use the remedies on your own for minor first aid and illness. Remedies are readily available via internet and community shops and are easy to learn and apply in situations.


Schedule a brief phone call or office visit to explore if Homeopathy is right for you.

Free Exploratory Consultation

Acute Consultations

Constitutional Consultations

Originally designed to help children recover from Autism, CEASE Therapy has been expanded to address other areas of chronic concern, including Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, MS, Lyme disease and more. Read more about how homeopathy can help people with autism.

(Complete Elimination of Autism Symptom Expression)

Homeopathic remedies can be utilized to

help you recover from short-term ailments.

An “acute” is a short consultation to gather information so I can select the best Homeopathic remedy needed to help you recover from this temporary illness or injury.

Examples of acute consultations, include colds, fever, flu, viruses, headaches, seasonal allergy attacks, minor first aid and injury, digestive attacks, teething and childhood illnesses.

Additionally, acute consultations can be utilized for surgery, travel, birth, home care, palliative care, etc.

To register for acute care please fill out the Acute Registration Form by clicking the link below.

Please submit a separate questionnaire

for each person you are requesting care for. Once your form is submitted, I will contact

you via phone or email to gather additional information and provide you with the

suggested remedy information. I will respond

to your request within 24 hours.

Constitutional consultations are used to begin the homeopathic process to address long-term or chronic issues. The constitutional process begins with an initial consultation that is approximately two hours in length.

This visit involves a two-hour consultation, typically in the office. Out of area consultations are done via phone, skype or Facetime.

The consultation covers the areas of concern, a thorough health history, and information on you as a person: your characteristics and mannerisms, how you eat, sleep, respond to stress, etc. The goal

is to choose one homeopathic remedy that fits the whole picture.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up consultations happen approximately 4-8 weeks from when the remedy is given

and are one hour in length. At the follow-up appointment, I assess what the individual’s response was to the remedy. The remedy is

given again or changed when necessary.

Informational lectures are offered free of charge to community groups or businesses.

Lectures and Presentations

* Homeopathic services are not directed at identifying, treating or preventing specific diseases. Rebecca is a qualified homeopath, not a licensed physician. If you have a medical complaint or questions about your health, it is important that you consult with your physician.

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