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Gentle, holistic healing for the whole family

From the common cold to anxiety and depression, homeopathy heals, naturally.

"A journey of a thousand miles

                                               such as a headache or migraine, to chronic conditions, such as depression, pain or anxiety, homeopathy heals gently and deeply. When homeopathy is applied, the experience of the individual is lifted to a healthier state of being.

As your Practitioner, I offer my virtues of dedication, compassion and commitment to your healing journey. All you need to do is trust that health and healing is possible for you and take the first step. Contact me today to learn more and to have all your questions answered.

In Vitality,


From mild occurances,

begins with the first step."


Homeopathy is my true calling.

Author Marinne Williams wrote that one of the most positive transitions you can make in life is from viewing your work as

a job to viewing it as a calling. Homeopathy is truly my calling.

I am called to serve you in your path towards greater health

and wellness; and it has been my experience that the most powerful tool on that path is the application of homeopathic remedies by a skilled practitioner.

clients throughout my region of Northeast Wisconsin, but also work extensively through remote locations. Some live in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and New York! My office is located in Appleton.

Call today for a free 15-minute consultation and explore if my services are right for you.

I serve

* Homeopathic services are not directed at identifying, treating or preventing specific diseases. Rebecca is a qualified homeopath, not a

licensed physician. If you have a medical complaint or questions about your health, it is important that you consult with your physician.

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